Do individuals and teams in your organization generate enough creative ideas? Do the best ideas consistently lead to valuable innovations? VisionMining offers three engaging and enlightening photography-based programs for businesses, non-profits and government agencies that will help you answer "yes!"

1. Creativity and Innovation Workshops. Armed with cell phone or point and shoot cameras, participants perform visual problem-solving "assignments," followed by in-depth discussions, that give you concrete methods and approaches for:

  • Finding new ways to think and work by changing mindsets and behavior.
  • Overcoming status quo bias, risk-aversion and group-think.
  • Exploring problems from multiple viewpoints; leveraging diversity.
  • Enhancing individual motivation and confidence and team collaboration.
  • Sharpening critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Promoting executive skills, training future leaders, developing a creative/innovative culture.

2. Team Building Events. Participants engage in group photo activities designed to enhance teamwork, demonstrate the benefits of diverse viewpoints, and get the team's creative juices flowing. Team Building Events focus more on team interaction than our "C&I Workshops."

3. Presentations/Keynotes. VisionMining President Steve Gottlieb's photographs and anecdotes serve as an entertaining springboard for revealing ways to enhance workplace creativity, innovation, teamwork and more. When a relatively small group is involved, presentations can include substantial audience interaction.