Could your organization benefit from an event speaker who is refreshingly different, thoroughly engaging and insightfully instructive? That describes photographer/storyteller Steve Gottlieb.

Remember how children’s picture books once transported you to wonderful places and taught you important life lessons? In 25 Pictures/25 Stories, Gottlieb resurrects this children’s format and transforms it for adult audiences. His presentations combine true stories and vibrant photographs gathered from a lifetime of travels through all fifty states and abroad. His anecdotes will enhance your appreciation of collaboration, motivation, preparation, determination and imagination.

Just tell Gottlieb what concepts or "lessons" you’d like him to examine and the time available. (Celebrating a special anniversary? The number of stories can be linked to “your number.”) From his extensive library of engaging, funny, revealing and life-affirming stories and pictures, Gottlieb will customize a presentation just for you. For more details,