Are you a business, non-profit or government agency searching for a stimulating, creative teambuilding program that's truly different? VisionMining photography-based workshops present visual challenges for your team that will enhance collaboration, demonstrate the benefits of diverse viewpoints, get the team's "creative" juices flowing...and generate plenty of laughter. We'll work with you to customize an experience that addresses your specific objectives:

  • Strengthening communication and cooperation among team members.
  • Leveraging benefits arising from diversity on a team.
  • Breaking down organizational "silos."
  • Enhancing your team's relationships with client and customer teams.
  • Honing executive skills and develop future leaders.
  • Nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation.

Our teambuilding programs—designed to accommodate your timeframe and team size—can take place anywhere, such as a company retreat venue, a stimulating location near your office, or at VisionMining's northeast Maryland training studio. After the event, we’ll produce a PowerPoint of your team's images and ideas that will reinforce the event's objectives.

[Note: Team Building Events focus more on team interaction than our Change and Innovation Workshops.]