National Security Agency

"Steve Gottlieb is a wonderful teacher and coach and creates a fun, playful atmosphere that is a powerful catalyst for creativity. We played hard, had fun and learned a lot." L.B.

"This course was beneficial to any skill field. It encouraged thinking outside the box and not accepting the first solution just because it works. It pushed the attendees to delve deeper and explore potentially greater outcomes. You weren't being lectured to, you were participating." S.M.

"Gottlieb is a fantastic teacher. We had the chance to immediately practice what was taught." B.W.

"The VisionMining class was very informative and interesting—and a great value." D.K.

"It's a great reminder that we all get stuck in patterns of doing things and just because it has always been done a certain way doesn't mean that it's the best way to do it." M.S.

"This training broadened my way of thinking. In order to continue thinking differently, I will have to be aware of my own and others automatic thought processes." P.Y.

"This seminar teaches you different ways of looking at problems. I actually think this would be good for any skill community to attend." H.U.

Gilbane Builders

  The content you developed based on our company's Diversity Week criteria was right on. Our group was varied but your team building exercises brought everyone together. It was a fun and stimulating afternoon and I received many positive comments from my coworkers. Everyone agree it was a unique interactive experience.
  We will use the photos from our workshop in our department correspondence throughout the coming year. It will be a great reminder of how many diverse viewpoints can be used to create better solutions. Our sincere thanks for a fabulous VisionMining experience.

Susan French, Sr. Transition Project Manager
Gilbane (Building) Transition Planning & Management

Excerpts From Post-Workshop Powerpoint
Using Gilbane Participants' Photos

American Society of Training and Development / DC Chapter

What a great job! We had a fun-filled evening learning how to unleash our creativity, via a very interactive photo exercise. Everyone left with a greater understanding or the interface between creativity and leadership at all levels.

Neal Henderson, SPHR, GPHR
Front Row Coaching

Video Placement
Photo Exercise: Video Clip

Cecil County Chamber of Commerce

"I attended your recent presentation and wanted you to know that I was inspired. As I move through each day there are many instances where I step back and look at something differently. Your talk made an impact."
Donna Hosler

Just wanted to say thanks again for a really beneficial session! You did a fantastic job that hit home for us all. Creativity is key to keeping things fresh and staying ahead of the curve in business rather than lagging behind in a comfortable rut. The hands-on way you got the entire group involved in learning was enjoyed, appreciated, and will not soon be forgotten.
Jessica St. Clair

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